Free things to do on Hamilton Island

While Hamilton Island is typically an upmarket resort, there are still many enjoyable ways to kill some time that don't have to cost you a penny.


1. Take a walk along Catseye Beach 

There is plenty to see on the islands' famous beach, from paddleboarders to honeymooners to turtles popping up for air.

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2. Relax and swim in one of the resort pools

With the warm Whitsunday weather all year around the pools are a great place to spend an afternoon

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3. Do a bushwalk

With many different trails to choose from, getting away from the crowds and into nature is a great way to explore the island, and the views are amazing!

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4. Explore the island on the free shuttle bus

The bus will take about an hour to return you to where you boarded, you can start this journey from anywhere on the island. If you don't have a buggy this is a perfect way to see the sights from the comfort of airconditioning.

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5. Look for wildlife

With an abundance of native birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials calling the island home you are sure to see some of the locals in their natural habitat. Don't feed the cockatoos!

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6. Go on a photography expedition

Use your phone, camera, whatever you have! You never know what you will find if you go looking.

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7. Visit Foot Young's sculpture gallery

We can't promise that you won't want to buy something but visiting is free. Foot Young is a local artist that creates very unique sculptures from marble. Every piece is original and Foot takes inspiration from the animals in his surroundings, his work is very impressive.

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8. One Tree Hill at sunset

A must-do on Hamilton Island, this lookout has the best view of the sunset on the island, but is beautiful any time of the day. To get here you can walk or catch the shuttle bus.

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