Discover the Whitsundays through the eyes of a local with our special publication - Island Time.

Hamilton Island is a luxury resort island which is very kid-friendly with something for everyone and so many ways to pass the time. It's a very peaceful island with very limited vehichles as everyone drives golf buggies which makes for the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With a large range of cafe's, bars and restaurants and activities both on the island and tours that leave from the island there is always something to do. Many guests simply like to relax by the pool with a cocktail and enjoy the warm tropical weather but those that can't sit still are spoilt for choice from golf to snorkelling or go karting. The island spans five square kilometers and there are over a dozen walking trails around the island, with only a third of the land developed. Surrounded by coral reef and mangrove communities the beaches are often visited by turtles and humpback whales in whale season. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to keep an eye out for including koalas, lizards, butterflies and beautiful native trees.
Prior to European settlement, Hamilton Island and the other Whitsunday islands were inhabited by a small number of nomadic Aborginies who lived off the land and enjoyed the abundance of food and shelter. There is evidence that the Ngaro people settled in the region around 8,000 years ago and lived off a diet of small whales, turtles, shellfish, snakes, lizards, birds and marsupials. While historians suggest that French and Portugese sailors visited the region in 1522, it is accepted history that Captain James Cook on board the HMS Endeavour chartered and named Whitsunday Passage from which the region now takes its name. In the mid-1800's the first European settlers ventured from the south and settled in the Whitsundays, growing sugarcane and grazing cattle with some so impressed by the islands' beauty that they took their cattle over to graze. Tourism took off in the 1920's when huts began to appear on some islands and the mainland to accomodate holiday makers.
In the mid 1970's Keith Williams, a high profile tourism entreprenuer was cruising through the Whitsundays when he noticed Hamilton Island and knew it's potential. Keith and his business associate purchased the grazing lease which gave them ownership of the island where they had plans to establish a grazing property. Instead, Keith decided to turn it into an exciting tourist destination and built a commercial airport, harbour and resort and by the early 1980's he had created Australia's premier tropical island resort destination.
In January 1983 Hamilton Island opened its doors to guests and in the past 26 years has grown to become the most popular and visited island in the Whitsundays. in 2003 Bob Oatley purchased the island and invested and developed the resort island to it's present day condition that promises leisure, lifestyle, adventure and escape while surrounded by incredible natural beauty. Hamilton Island is committed to protecting this natural beauty with a self-managed recycling program, sewerage treatment facilities and wildlife conservation operations.
PRDnationwide Whitsunday’s relationship with Hamilton Island commenced in 1988 when we were appointed, on behalf of Hamilton Island Enterprises, to project market the development stock on the island. PRDnationwide Whitsunday opened our Hamilton Island office on Front Street in 1999 and in the pursuing years has gained extensive knowledge of all the current properties, as they were being developed and built. In 2001 PRDnationwide Whitsunday saw the requirement for a holiday rental offering on the Island and launched Accom Whitsunday.