Apartments On Hamilton Island Are The Best Of Both Worlds

Hamilton island offers more apartment accommodations than any other island in the Whitsundays and this is great news for those who prefer to have their own private apartment. Accom Whitsunday has apartments and homes for a variety of budgets and group sizes from two to 16 peoples

If youre on a tight budget or just love saving money, an apartment on Hamilton Island is a great choice. Apartments on Hamilton Island usually cost far less than a hotel or resort stay, and the savings dont end at the price of the room. Apartments not only offer more space and more privacy, they also allow guests to save a fortune on dining. All apartments come with fully-stocked kitchens, with everything you could possibly need to prepare and serve your own meals.

Theres nothing spartan about a breakfast overlooking the ocean on your private balcony, or a candlelit dinner served at sunset. You can dine like royalty, with views that are even better than those at the finest restaurants on the island. Or how about a picnic on the beach or during a hike to Passage Peak? You can pack a delightful lunch in your own kitchen to enjoy while out on the island. Theres something special about any meal enjoyed outdoors.

Having a kitchen in your choice of apartments on Hamilton Island also means you can choose to eat in for some of your meals and enjoy fine dining for others. The money you save eating in may mean you have it in your budget to enjoy a special splurge at one of Hamilton Islands fine restaurants.

Privacy, Seclusion and Quiet

While just steps away from all the beaches and shops have to offer, staying in one of the apartments on Hamilton Island means you can get away from crowd and enjoy a little private time whenever you like. Whether youre honeymooning, having a romantic getaway or just like a quieter vacation, an apartment allows you to be as secluded as you like.

Whatever your island vacation dreams may be, staying in an apartment on Hamilton Island may be the most memorable thing about your vacation.