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The Whitsundays on Line – “Pick and Pay” Supermarket Shop.
If you are planning to holiday at Airlie Beach or on Hamilton Island, you would be wise to consider pre-ordering your Groceries, Foodstuffs and Beverages before you leave home.
We can highly recommend Whitsunday Provisioning to you, they have been providing food and beverages to holidaymakers in the region for more than 30 years… And because they're local they know what the tropical heat does to food and they pride themselves on providing the freshest produce possible, at the same time as delivering in specially insulated boxes, designed to keep your stores cool and fresh while waiting to be unpacked.
They have an enviable reputation for Quality and Service and are recognized as the “One Stop On-Line Shop” in the region.….. and they deliver 7 days a week – even to Hamilton Island – so that you will get the freshest produce on time, every time.
Whitsunday Provisioning are a natural choice, they have a wider range of Food Options than any other on line shop available in the region.
Their “On Line - Pick and Pay” Supermarket option, provides you with a complete range and choice of Self-Select products….. Including your alcoholic beverages.

From their Specialty Package Division, you can choose one of their highly recommended Self-contained Apartment - Meal Packages. This is the quickest and easiest way to cater for a holiday, simply state the number of persons and for how many days. And the job is done! They include all breakfasts, lunches and these Packages will not disappoint, all you need to add is your beverages. You will be surprised at the completeness of these packages and they are available from as little as $30.00 per day per person. They come in prices to suit all pockets and dietary requirements….. Choose from their Platinum, Gold or Silver Packages range.

If you like the Package option but would like to build your own Meal Plans, then choose from their Specialty Meal Plan Division, you can use a variety of clever options to build your own menu.. And again they come with everything to make the complete meal. (For example Two people: for 5 days, you may choose 6 healthy breakfasts and 4 indulgent breakfasts)

From their Beverage section you will find a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to suit your needs.
In their Specialty Platters Division you will find a wide range of Sea Food, Fruit, Cheese and Vegetarian Platters - all designed to act as complete meals and make a special treat for your first night or later.
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